You don’t need to travel all the way to Southern California to enjoy a surfing vacation. South Carolina is a fantastic destination for surfers of all ages and abilities. And Folly Beach in Charleston is South Carolina’s premier surfing destination.

Here are 5 reasons why you should head to Charleston for a surfing vacation.

#1. The Varied Coastline

Charleston’s low pollution levels, clean beaches, and excellent amenities make it an excellent destination for surfers. Any time of the year, you’ll find dedicated locals taking advantage of Folly Beach’s clean, hollow waves. The Washout is renowned for providing the most consistent waves.
The coastline of Folly Beach provides a variety of surfing conditions so that there are great locations for both experienced surfers and novices. But if you are a novice, make sure you buy one of the best novice surfboards on the market and seek expert tuition to begin your surfing adventure.

The best waves appear between June and November during the hurricane season. However, you can enjoy surfing on Folly Beach all year round.

#2. You Can Learn From The Best

The top-rated surfing school in Folly Beach is operated by the reigning State Surfing Champion of South Carolina. Kyle Busey is an award-winning, pro surfer who has set out to prove that those who can, can also teach. Carolina Salt Surf Lessons has been #1 on TripAdvisor for 7 years in a row!

Kyle Busey’s accolades include 2000 National Champion, 2000 South Carolina Surfer of the Year, 2001 Regional and East Coast Champion, and he has been awarded the State Championship 9 times.

Another great reason to learn surfing at Carolina Salt Surf Lessons is that part of the proceeds goes to a worthy cause. Kyle Busey founded Sand to ShelterTM, a non-profit organization that gathers unused groceries from vacation homes to redistribute to veterans or the homeless. Carolina Salt Surf Lessons also sponsors special needs children and No-Kill animal shelters.

#3. You Can See Before You Go

If you go to the Surfline website, you can actually observe the current conditions along Folly Beach and learn about the wave conditions and wave forecasts before you head out to the beach. This service enables you to choose where along the beach you will find the conditions best suited to you on that day.

The camera also lets you know how popular each area of the beach is at that time so that you can avoid the crowds. Even in midwinter at dawn, you’ll see dedicated surfers dressed in wetsuits headed out to hit the waves. And if you can’t make it down yourself, look on the camera to see if you can spot your friends!

Check out the Surfline website to learn about wind conditions, the swell, the surf, the tide, and the weather. Save yourself a lot of time by working out where the best place is along the beach before you head out.

#4. Surfing Is Great Fun For Kids Of All Ages

In the past, most surfers were adult males. Today, the Eastern Surfing Association operates competitions for children separated into Under-14 girls, Under-14 boys, Under-12 girls, and Under-12 boys. The biggest increase in the popularity of surfing has emerged in the youth divisions.

The ESA reports that they have seen girls from as young as 6 competing in their youth championships. These days, approximately a third of young surfers are female, and this trend is growing.

Charleston is a great place to take your kids to learn how to surf from professionals like Kyle Busey. If you check through the TripAdvisor reviews about Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, you’ll find many comments from parents about how much their children have enjoyed their first surfing classes.

#5. Surfing Is A Growing Sport That’s Also Good For Your Health

Surfing increases your overall fitness, especially your balance and strength. Also, the pleasure of surfing and the peace you find can be beneficial to your mental health. When novices learn how to surf, it improves their confidence and courage. Surfing is also a great way to make friends and become part of a growing community.

Until you’ve tried surfing, you cannot truly understand the “stoke”. This is the euphoric feeling you get when you successfully ride a wave. Of course, it’s not easy to ride your first wave. That’s why you should take lessons to learn the basics rather than trying to fumble through by yourself. But once you’ve learned those basics, you’ll be rewarded with the freedom you can only feel when riding the surf.

In 2020, surfing will make its debut as a sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. In the run-up to this historic event, surfing is becoming an ever more popular sport. Get involved now and be at the front of the queue!