Photo of campers at Charleston Salt Surf Camp


Discover the ultimate summer adventure at Charleston’s two most popular surf spots; Folly Beach & Isle of Palms. Our surf camp is not just a place to catch waves; it’s where sun, sea, and surf collide! We create a supportive community where good times and friendships swell.

Carolina Salt Surf Camps are widely known for catering to the individual, not the masses. We firmly believe in getting to know our students on a personal level, so they feel comfortable out in the waves and surf to the best of their ability. Our surf camps are run by passionate local surfers who are dedicated to sharing the joy and skills of surfing with your kids.

From the Owner, Kyle Busey:

“I am a firm believer that if you work hard towards your goals it will translate to success. My goal is to show these kids, that with hard work, dedication, and positive thinking anything can be accomplished. This is why I focus on these key fundamentals and good surfing simply coming as a byproduct.”

Kyles Resume – Safety and Stunt consultant for the hit Netflix show Outer Banks. 2016 STATE CHAMPION, 2000 NATIONAL CHAMPION, 9X STATE CHAMPION. 2001 REGIONAL AND EAST COAST CHAMPION, 2000 S.C SURFER OF THE YEAR, 2014 REGIONAL CHAMPION, 2014 EAST COAST CHAMPION


Professional Surf Instructors

Learn from the best! Our team of surf instructors are not just skilled in riding waves; they are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. We’re local surfers who grew up riding the very waves your kids will conquer. We bring an authentic, community-driven approach to teaching, creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship, and skill development. Our best-in-class surf instructors are led and trained by Folly Beaches’ own professional surfer Kyle Busey. Join Surf Camp and learn from the best of the Lowcountry! Benefit from our insider knowledge as they guide you through the fundamentals of surfing with passion and professionalism.

Local Insight

Our surf camps are nestled in the heart of Charleston’s two most popular surfing beaches, Folly Beach and Isle of Palms. Benefit from the knowledge our instructors have of the local surf scene, ensuring that you catch the best swells and experience the true essence of our surf culture: where every surfer is family and every wave is an opportunity.

Surf Lessons for All Skill Levels

Our surf camp caters to all experience levels from beginners to advanced riders. We tailor our lessons to your skill level; ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. Students will be divided into 3 skill categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Your child will build upon the skills learned the day before as our experienced instructors offer personalized guidance, ensuring every participant progresses at their own pace.

Safety First!

Your child’s safety is our priority. We have the best-in-class Surf Instructor to Student ratio in all of Charleston with a 1:2 ratio. Our instructors are not just surf experts; they are certified in water safety and first aid. Enjoy peace of mind as your kid embarks on their surfing adventure, knowing that they are under the watchful eyes of professionals dedicated to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Our Surf Camp is designed with kids and teenagers in mind. From the choice of surfboards to the teaching techniques, we ensure that every aspect caters to the unique needs and energy of young surfers. Beyond the waves, we focus on building a community. Our surf camp provides a space for kids and teenagers to connect with like-minded peers and form lasting friendships.

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Slots are limited so please ensure your child’s spot at Carolina Salt Surf Camp and watch them ride the waves with confidence, skill, and a whole lot of local surfer spirit!